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TECHNO SV24 TECHNO Auto Gate System

Details 详述 :
~ Hardened gear box material (heavy duty) 强化牙箱耐度
~ 4-layer waterproof design 4层防水保护
~ Super quiet operation (accuracy cutting gear box) 超级安静
~ Oil bath gear box 油浸牙箱
- Max leaf opening angle 门开角度: 360°
- Max leaf weight 单门负重: 800kg
- Waterproof and rust resistant aluminium alloy casing 防水防锈铝合金外壳
- Control to stop immediately at any time when gate is moving 即时停止移动中的门
- Foolproof cording for security 防撬锁头
- Fast operation: 8 to 10 seconds for a 90° turn 高速开关门
- Safety clutch system to prevent injury or damage 安全装置
- 50 - 80 metres remote control range 无线遥控范围 80meters
- Manual open with release key during power failure 紧急手开门
- Dual speed gate control 双速开门
- One gate-leaf operation available 单门开关
- Half-way stop operation selectable 半开门
~ 2 years warranty on motor 2 年保用期-马达

Specification 规格 :
~ Ground DC Motor (Copper Gear) c/w Housing 直流电地下马达(铜牙) 包括外壳 x2
~ Actuator Arm 推动杆 x2
~ Actuator Track 推动轨 x2
~ L-bracket (Long) L-托架(长) x1
~ L-bracket (Short) S-托架(短) x1
~ 24V~12V Solenoid Lock 电磁锁 x1
~ Lock Pad 锁垫 x1
~ Release Keys 手开锁匙 x2
~ Control Panel 主电板 (Model: Techno 28) x1
~ Control Panel PVC Box 防水朔胶箱 x1
~ Transformer, 240 AC Input, 12/9/0/9/12 V Output, 75 VA 变压器 x1
~ 830 2 Channels Stainless Steel Remote Control Set (1+3) 4 频道白钢无线遥控器:
~ 2 Channels Wireless Receiving Panel 4频道无线接收器 x1
~ 2 Channels Stainless Steel WirelessTransmitter 4频道白钢无线发射器 x3
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